Blazing, flaring through my eyes, my universe! Scorching fire in my veins, It takes me over...

Unchained and Soaring (CD + Booklet)


Every song on the album is a musical adventure of its own – each showcasing a different emotion, feeling, and sound. Together they form an exciting mix of genres, instruments, and sounds. One moment gives way to heavy guitars and drums, next vocals and keyboard take the lead, then it all is fused together, creating music euphoria!

CD comes in a 2 panel digipack version with 12 page booklet

Song list:

1. Aflame (04:07)
2. Ode to Infinity (04:17)
3. Saviour (04:44)
4. In Bed with the Beast (06:31)
5. Unattainable Fortress (05:53)
6. Felling of Peace (06:14)
7. Imperium et Voluntas (04:47)
8. Dryads (05:30)
9. Hope (Re-recorded) (03:58)
10. Ode to Infinity (Acoustic) (03:39)